The TRUE Story of Fire & FREEBIES!

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                 Welcome to our The TRUE Story of Fire & FREEBIES post!


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One of our most rare 45 RPM story record’s is “The Story of Fire”.

This story is most def a product of its time. It centers around a little “cave” boy named Agoo. 

The claims of the Listen & Learn Record Co. in 1964 are MOST reflective of the thoughts of the day. Note how the sleeve states “Tells the HISTORY…”:

Their statement is indeed laughable at best! The TRUTH of the matter is fire was created by God. Man’s first interaction with fire was at the altar after the fall, indeed man’s necessity for fire is due to the fall. The alter was indeed, a foreshadow of the Cross of Christ, the promise of reconciliation between man and his Creator.


Therefore, I introduce the story of Agoo as a fairy tale for young ones and as a unproven theory for older children. Much discussion ensues in regards to what God said in His Word vs what man says in his theories. It is IMPERATIVE that children learn about various theory’s in order to discern their falsehood(s) when encountered. With the Biblical Scriptures as a guide as the Holy Spirit leads, these types of theory’s are EASILY proven false. 

                                                               The Soul Doctor

Bottom line to ALL theory debates: What does God say? One can find Scriptures addressing the falsehood(s) of various theory’s from Genesis to The Revelation. As Charles Spurgeon once said, “Do not dispute or discuss without your eye on the Cross.”, Isaiah 1:18 comes to mind.

The story begins with Agoo going off to hunt food. The narrator states that man knew fire but knew nothing about how to use fire to their benefit. Agoo saw a horse and threw a rock at it.
The rock missed so the horse ran off. Agoo’s rock hit another rock on the ground and it sparked. Since it had not rained in months, the spark started a fire. Then a saber-tooth tiger saw Agoo & started towards him.

Agoo panicked and picked up a burning stick. He then used the stick to attack the tiger. Agoo ran towards the tiger and the tiger seeing the fire ran away. He took the burning stick back to his tribe and told them his story. Everyone was amazed that fire could be used to man’s benefit. Agoo was a hero!

The flip side tells a few different brief fire legends from around the world along with the invention of matches; who invented them, when they were invented, when they became safe to use and when they were mass marketed.  

Now here is the rub on this issue, when I was a child, man said,  “millions of years cave man”, today it is “billions of years amoeba slime”. My father always told us kids it was all nothing but a bunch of “hooey”.

So how did a lie become truth? A lie becomes truth when cleverly disguised with a bit of truth over a period of time. This is called propaganda. Propaganda is the result of lies wrapped in truth used to promote certain agendas.

If you would like to spark conversation in your classroom, The Story of Fire record may be used as a supplement of various subjects. While I am currently unable to find the record on Amazon, eBay has one: 

The Story of Fire 45 RPM

In the 50’s & 60’s, the Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon man, etc teachings were not only in the classroom and but also on television as well. Think The Flintstones. 

The difference in the days of my childhood was, overall, we kids did NOT believe in “cave men” as we had a sound Biblical foundation. From what I recall, just about every child in the neighborhood got on the “Bible Bus” to Sunday School, why, even the “bad” kids. 

After 40+ years I can still remember our Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Dale addressing the subject. 
As a child, I thought Mrs. Dale a very beautiful and classy woman, I admired her very much. One Sunday she said, “Many of you children have informed me you are learning about “cave men” in school, so we are going back to the very beginning…

                                                              The Soul Doctor

in the beginning, GOD…” 

She had scrapped her previous lesson plans and promptly addressed the issue imparting to each one of us the truth in regards to God’s creation of man, man’s fall from grace along with introducing the foreshadow of the Cross of Christ, the altar.

She held everyone of us kids in rapt attention as she imparted the stories to us. 

On any given Sunday, she might have a stack of X-L newsprint clipped to her easel with chalk sticks the colors of the rainbow resting on the rail. As she performed her artistry creating each scene one by one, methodically turning the pages over the top of her easel she continued to impart God’s love for His children. 
On another Sunday she may have used the flannelboard proficiently changing people, scenes and backgrounds throughout the story. 

She also was fond of implementing film strips with records, or playing the piano teaching us to sing songs of worship along with other types of games and activities.  

When a comedic cave man television series titled “It’s About Time” aired in the 60’s, ALL the kids who had television were so excited. 

I remember everyone at school anxiously awaited its first airing. The next day on the playground we all talked about the show vs what Mrs. Dale had taught us. We recited a little rhyme, which looking back was a bit harsh. It went like this:

“It’s about time, its about space, it’s about time to slap your face!” 

Quite BRUTAL but I do not remember anyone really slapping hard.

We kids thought if anyone really believed in cave men, they should be slapped for being so stupid. There was NO way we were apes! In that day, it WAS GOOD to be a kid!

The the sitcom’s hysterical story line follows two astronauts who broke the time barrier and went back in time. 

Upon embarking their craft, they explored the region and ran into a clan of cave men. 

The comical hilarity that resulted from their various interactions  highlighted the ridiculousness of the ‘cave man” theories. Enjoy the tomfoolery in this episode of “Me Caveman, You Woman” with MUCH guffawing: 

And DIG this! If you want to watch the calamity of the entire series on DVD, you can thanks to eBay:

It’s About Time TV Series DVD

If you enjoyed the hysterics our featured cave men stories, get our vintage Grunk, Shadd & family printable coloring page FREEBIE:

Vintage It’s About Time Coloring Page FREEBIE!

For a craft, we made an altar. Our back acre was a good place to find some rocks. While we were looking for rocks, we talked about the types and sizes of rocks we would need for to make our model.  When each child got enough rocks to make an altar, we brought our buckets inside. Using this color of Playdoh®:



from our 36 color Playdoh® Pack, (readily available during the Holiday Season. I ALWAYS stock up for the year as it is VERY economical during this time, besides the larger packs have a greater array of colors to choose from when integrating Playdoh® with a particular project such as this):


we built our altars alternating stones and Playdoh®, then topped them with broken sticks, laying them across the top of the altar as one does when building a fire. Next we took some pre-cut  tissue scraps and stuck them onto the sticks to form a fire shape. And I must say, these  altars are BURNIN’!

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We hope you were able to glean MUCH wisdom from On High (certainly NOT mine, that’s for SURE!) from our TRUE Story of Fire post!

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We will be sharing more Fire Prevention posts so be sure to visit again soon!

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    So STOKED you dig this post, Kelly as it is not very popular due to the Biblical content! Your comment LIFTED my spirit!!!

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