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Welcome to Part 3 of our Ladybug Love Unit! If you missed Parts 1& 2 , you can check them out here:

AKGVH Ladybug Love Activities & Freebies Part 1 

AKGVH Ladybug Love Activities & FREEBIES! Part 2 

We are so STOKED you fluttered on by for Part 3 of our Ladybug Love Activities & FREEBIES!

So land on this here post and hang with us for awhile, as we tripped on some far-out ladybug games and did an out-a-sight craft!!! You will want to trip our dyno Ladybug Mask Pattern FREEBIE scene with your babes as well!! 

My babes were DIGGIN’ this Ladybug Posture Balance Game! First I made our ladybug balance ballons. Using a funnel, I put some rice inside a red balloon. Then I blew up the balloon and tied it. Next I drew a ladybug on each babes balloon. I turned on our record player and put on our Romper Room record and played the Posture Basket Song…

…while they walked around balancing their ladybug balloons on their heads. Instead of the word “basket” in the song, we substituted “ladybug”…WHAT FUN they had balancing their ladybugs:


Your babes can play our Ladybug Posture Balance  Game as well using the following vintage Romper Room Posture Basket song: 

And if you are interested in purchasing Romper Room Activity Records for your classroom, while I am currently unable to find this exact record on Amazon, here are some other Romper Room Activity Records you may want to trip on:


or DIG the various selections on eBay: 

Romper Room Activity Record

We learned about ladybug claws. They are called palps. Ladybugs use them to put food into their mouths. 
Ladybugs are very helpful to us because they eat aphids, scale and spider mites and mealy bugs that attack other plants. Some even eat plant mildew. Because of their usefulness ladybugs are often harvested and sold to farmers to control the harmful insects.

I gave each of my babes  a clothes pin and a bowl, then placed some large pom poms on the table. My babes then simulated a ladybug catching (with the clothespin) aphids and putting them in their mouth (bowl).  They did such a DYNO job of filling their bowls with much excitement along with a sense of accomplishment! DIG the scene:

Ladybugs also use their antennae’s attached below their eyes to feel, smell and taste. Along with their eyes, antennae’s help the ladybugs gather their environment info and hunt for their foods of interest.


With this in mind, we learned about ladybug eyes. Ladybugs have two compound eyes. Their compound eyes are made up of what looks like a collection of bumps. The sections are called ommatidia that point in different directions to pick up movement. Each ommatidium is able to pick up certain details such as brightness, color, etc. We made our own ladybug eyes using egg carton portions, foil & wiggle eyes. 

First, I cut an egg carton flat into a circle. Then I had my babes paint their egg carton circle piece and let it dry. Next I had my babes make foil balls to fit inside each compartment. Then they glue gunned their large wiggle eyes and foil into the correct spot:

Next I crumpled up foil and wrapped it around each eye circle to complete:  

These ladybug eyes are OUT – A – SIGHT:

If you want to make ladybug eyes and are in need of some supplies, DIG Amazon:


DIG this vintage Circus theme egg carton checkers game FREEBIE you can make with your left over egg carton:

You can get these from our Teacher’s Notebook Shop:

Last we covered the ladybug’s lifecycle. Since ladybugs are indeed beetles, their correct name being ladybird beetles and I do not have an actual ladybug lifecycle flannelboard set, I used my beetle set. First I set up the ladybug beetle lifecycle in rote. We reviewed it several times, then I had my babes build the ladybug lifecycle in sequence themselves:

Then we made these cute little Ladybug Lifecycle Mini Books. For their covers, I had each babe  put their finger on a red ink pad, then place their inked finger on the page. They did this as many as they wanted, and when the ink was dry, I drew on the antennae’s and legs:

For the inside pages I used the following ladybug lifecycle sequencing cards printout from Enchanted Learning. My babes colored & cut the page into 4 smaller pages, one page for each stage. Then I stapled them together in sequence:

And one of our FAV pastimes each Spring is a ladybug hunt!

I get out their bug boxes & off around our yard they go:

 And as one can imagine, they can NEVER resist bringing those lovable lady’s into the house:

 Hey, l@@ks like they missed this ladybug:

Hey, bet you did NOT know baby ladybugs have a paci in their mouth!

If you want to make a Ladybug foam mask with your babes, yes even your paci babes, DIG our AKGVH Ladybug Mask Pattern FREEBIE!!!
At the end of the day, ladybugs go back to their homes, our bug boxes and masks are put away for another day! 

And to wrap up our ladybug unit for the year, I made some most delectible ladybug cup cakes. Easy to make & FUN to eat, they were SWEEEEEEEEEEET!!!

And now, here is our COMPLETE Ladybug Love Bundle Pack. 71 vintage and current pages STUFFED with activities, games, stories, rhymes & poems, crafts, worksheets, coloring and MORE for ages pre-k – grade 4! Check it out at our Teacher’s Notebook Shop:





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Welcome to Part 2 of our Ladybug Love Unit! If you missed Part 1, you can dig the scene here: 

Next we did some ladybug counting games. Using our flannelboard ladybugs, we did the following fingerplays:


Five little lady bugs sitting in a tree.

The first one said, “I ‘m glad I’m me.”

The second one said, “I feel great too,”

The third one said, “How about you?”

The fourth one said, “It’s time to fly away,”

The fifth one said, “We’ll talk another day.

Another Version:

Five little ladybugs climbing on some plants,
Eating the aphids, but not the ants.
The first one said, “Save some aphids for me.”
The second one said, “They’re as tasty as can be.”
The third one said, “Oh they’re almost gone.”
The fourth one said, “Then we’d better move on.”
The fifth one said, “Come on, let’s fly!”
So they opened up their wings and they flew through the sky.

Ladybug in the Air

I saw a little lady bug go flying in the air,

But when I tried to catch her, two bugs were there.

Two little lady bugs flew up to a tree,

I tiptoed very quietly, but then there were three.

Three little lady bugs, looking for one more,

I saw one sitting on the ground, and that makes four.

Four little lady bugs, another to arrive,

I saw one landing on a flower, and that made five!

Five little lady bugs all red with black spots too,

I clapped my hands and away they all flew!

Six Hungry Ladybugs

by  Heather Tekavec

Six hungry ladybugs climbing up a tree,
Six hungry ladybugs, can’t you see?

The first one ate just one leaf, soft and green.
The second one ate two leaves, shiny and clean.

The third one ate three leaves, enough to fill her tummy.
The fourth one ate four leaves, every one was yummy.

The fifth one ate five leaves, it took him all day long.
The sixth one ate six leaves, and then the leaves were gone!

Three Little Ladybugs

One little ladybug (hold up one finger)
With spots on its wings,
Landed right beside me (tap sides)
As I played on the swings. (sway forward and backward)
Two little Lady Bugs (hold up two fingers)
Flew around a flower, (move two fingers in a circle)
Then crawled beneath a leaf  (children cup one hand over two fingers)
To nap for half an hour.  (children lay their heads on their hands)


                                               Ladybug Love

Our first ladybug game we played was roll n’ count. My babes rolled the dice, then put the rolled number of ladybugs near their initial on the pocket chart. As you can see, they just kept rolling & counting:

Next we did some ladybug interactive dot counting games with our flannelboard. First I made a large ladybug tagboard master pattern, then using a pencil, traced each piece according  to its count (10 dots, 6 legs, 1 head & 1 body) onto a pre-cut milk filter sheet. Next, I traced each piece with a black Sharpie marker, then colored the appropriate color (black or red) in its proper space. Finally, I glued the head and legs onto the body and let it dry. For added fun, I glue gunned red wiggle eyes on the head in their appropriate place. Then let the fun begin:

While working on our ladybug dots flannelboard, we did the following Ladybug Rhymes & Poems:

Ladybug Lost Her Dots

Little Ladybug on the ground
Doesn’t make a sound.
Looking for her ten black dots
She lost them on the ground.

One black dot
Two black dots
Three block dots
And four.

Five black dots
Six black dots
She’s looking for some more.

Seven black dots
Eight black dots
Nine black dots 
And ten.

The ladybug who lost her dots has found them all again!

Little Red Bug

by Susan M. Paprocki

Little red bug, oh so cute,

Here’s a black spot for your suit.

Now you go and have some fun

With your spot, your very first one.

Little red bug, oh so cute,

Here’s a black spot for your suit.

It’s so nice to own a few,

So enjoy these lovely two.

Little red bug, oh so cute,

Here’s a black spot for your suit.

We are very pleased to see

How nice you look with all three.

Little red bug, oh so cute,

Here’s a black spot for your suit.

You might feel that you need more,

So we proudly give you four.

Little red bug, oh so cute,

Here’s a black spot for your suit.

Heaven, heaven, sakes alive,

Look at you, you’re wearing five!

Ladybug Has Spots

Sing to: The Muffin Man 

Ladybug has 1 black spot,
1 black spot, 1 black spot.
Ladybug has 1 black spot,
Pretty ladybug!

Repeat with 2, 3, 4, etc…

You can do the above activity with your babes using our FREEBIE Ladybug Dot Counting Flannelboard Activity Pattern from our Teacher’s Notebook Shop: 

Here is the link for the milk filters I use to make these bodaciously fun interactive flannelboard activities. (Keep in mind you will have to pre-cut these filters into 8 1/2″  X 11″ sheets for printing):

If you do NOT have any red wiggle eyes, you can get some from Amazon:


Then we did some ladybug dot count number matching on our flannelboard. I placed different dot count ladybugs on the table along with flannel numbers. Each child chose a ladybug, counted the dots and found its corresponding number. We also used our sliding number lines to find the number in rote:

You can make your own Ladybug Dot Number Matching Game with our FREEBIE printable from our Teacher’s Notebook Store:

AKGVH Ladybug Dot Number Matching Game

If you do NOT have any felt numbers, you can get some on Amazon:


DIG this adorable Beginners Felt Counting Set you can use with other units as well:


While I could not find the exact slide-n-learn number lines that we have (apparently they have been discontinued) I did find these frog themed slide-n-learn’s from Really Good Stuff:


or maybe these from Lakeshore interest you: 


We also did a pocket chart ladybugs on leaves counting game.

They LOVE it!!!

You can get this game to do with your babes from Making Learning Fun:   

Here is a quick ladybug craft we did some years past when Julian & Sierra were little.

Made from a paper bowl and small paper plate for the wings, these easy to paint & assemble ladybugs have survived the test of time. Every year I put them away in my Spring storage bin until the next Spring and now my grandbabes enjoy them when we study ladybugs:

Well, we hope you enjoyed trippin’ the ladybug scene with us thus far. If you have not as of yet visited our Ladybug Love Activities & FREEBIES Part 1, once again, here is a quick link for your convenience: 

See you next time on Part 3 of our Ladybug Love Activities & FREEBIES! 

Ladybug Love Activities and Freebies Part 3


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