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Welcome to part 2 of our AKGVH Queen of Hearts Valentine. If you missed part one, DIG the quick link:

When I owned and operated A Kinders Garten Preschool Program back in the ’80’s, we played The Queen of Hearts Game. As previously stated on one of my earlier blog posts, in those days, pictures of various activities were not taken on a regular basis. Special occasions, holidays, birthdays and the like, yes, but not on a daily basis as is done today. 
To play the game, choose one child to be the King or Queen of Hearts and one child to be the Court Fool. Drawing lots for larger groups or throwing dice for smaller groups is a good way to choose. Highest/longest  is King/Queen, lowest/shortest is the Court Fool. The other children are the knaves. 

The King/Queen must have a crown, we made this crown from the days of yesteryear:

As you can see, I changed the construction a bit using foam and colored gems. I also made it adjustable by placing velcro on the ends.

Due to the weight of the foam vs the weight of the embellishments, the crown we made does not stand up at the top like the one made from days gone by. But when placed on the child’s head, you can center the top loops on the child’s head. A girl with a top knot helps:

It also makes a DYNO deco:

I also put a strip of red velcro on the back to make it adjustable:

You can get our FREEBIE directions to make this crown from our Teacher’s Notebook Store:


To make the scepter I first covered a wax paper, syran wrap or aluminum foil empty tube with foil. These tubes are thicker than paper towel tubes. I spray painted a styrofoam ball gold for the top of the scepter. When it dried, I glue gunned it on top of the foil covered tube. Then I embellished the scepter with red and white ribbons around the bottom, gold pipe cleaners and gems of various colors. I chose colors that caught the eye when placed on the background:

We played the game outside casually but really you play the game by having the King/Queen sit on a decorated throne. Covering an adult sized chair with aluminum foil, then embellished with fake gems makes for a regal throne. You can add yellow crepe streamers around the bottom for a fringe if you dig that scene.

Somewhat similar to musical chairs, you place large foam or clear contact covered or laminated construction paper or tagboard hearts scattered on the floor, one per knave.  

To begin the game, each knave must stand on a heart with the Court Fool somewhere in the middle. 

The King/Queen at their leisure, holds up the scepter and says, “All change hearts!” At the command, the knaves and Court Fool must change to “steal” the hearts. Whoever is unsuccessful at “stealing” a heart becomes the Court Fool.

We also played this game using our Queen of Hearts record introduced above. 

Since I do not have pictures of this game from yesteryear, today our queen was standing in the sandbox outside and at 1  1/2 years of age, our KaiaSue ruled the role in a MAJESTIC way:

Next we made some tarts using this vintage Tart Recipe:

We used Cherry Filling for the inside and added some to the icing. They sure came out YUMMY!!!

You can make our vintage Queen of Hearts Tarts with your babes using our FREEBIE recipe as shown above from our Teacher’s Notebook Store:


We have a BODACIOUS Vintage Queen of Hearts Activity Resoruce Pack featuring 74 pages of AKGVH EXCLUSIVE sequential teaching pictures, paper dolls & toys, games, Valentines both large for instructing and small to pass out, coloring and activity pages and MORE in our Teacher’s Notebook Store:

Need some other supplies:

// // // // //

We also did some other activities from our FAV sites and blogs:

That wraps up our AKGVH Vintage Queen of Hearts Valentine Activities. We hope you were trippin’! We sure had fun with this unit and your babes will too!!


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                     AKGVH A The Queen of Hearts Valentine Part 1


Valentine’s Day is coming soon and amidst our other Valentine fun,

we like to watch our FAV vintage Queen of hearts Cartoons:

Next we like to play our The Queen of Hearts record. As you can see, it has been played alot over the decades: 

Currently I have been unable to find this particular record but you may want to give it a try on eBay:

The Queen of Hearts Children’s Golden Records

Then we made The Queen of Hearts interactive craft. 

An Old Deck of Cards one deck per child. 

One Queen of Hearts Playing Card for each child.

One King of Hearts Playing Card for each child.

One Jack of Hearts Playing Card for each child.

3 Misc Playing Cards for each child.

4 Red Pony Beads for each child.

3 Tongue Depressor Size Craft Sticks for each child.

One  1  1/2″ Magnet Strip for each child.

One 1/2″ Magnet Strip for each child.

One Small Paper Clip for each child.

One School Glue Bottle for each child.

Four Small Aluminum Foil Circles for each child.

One Large Aluminum Foil Circle for each child. 

Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

Clothes Pins


Using one small foil circle, wrap a bead on the bottom and sides to look like a tart. Repeat with the other 3 beads. 

Shape and fold edges of the large circle into tray large enough to hold  the 4 tarts. Using the glue gun, glue the tarts onto the tray. 

Next, glue the paper clip to the bottom side of the tray. Be sure it sticks out on one side. 

Now have the children take one of their miscellaneous cards and glue all over the face with the school glue. Have them take one craft stick and place it onto the glued card adding extra glue making sure one end of the stick sticks out enough to get a firm hold on it. Add more glue to the top of the stick, then place one of the heart cards on top. 

Secure the cards together with the clothespins. Be sure to pin close to the sticks and all around to ensure a good seal. 

Let dry. Repeat with the next cards. When complete, you should now have the king, queen & jack of cards puppets.

Next using the glue gun, glue the 1  1/2″ magnet strip  onto the middle of the jack card:

Then glue the 1/2″ strip onto the middle of the queen card. 

Now you are ready to act out The Queen of Tarts Nursery Rhyme:

The Queen of Hearts,

She made some tarts,

All on a summer’s day.

The knave of hearts,

He stole those tarts,

And took them all away.

The king of hearts,

He called for the tarts,

And beat the knave full sore.

The knave of hearts,

Brought back the tarts,

And vowed he’d steal no more.   

To use the puppets, place the tarts on the queen’s magnet. Have the jack take the tarts:

This flick came out a bit fuzzy as it was a bit difficult getting my babes to take the hearts slowly:

Now bring in the king to make the knave give the tarts back to the queen:

Want to make these FAB Queen of Hearts Interactive Puppets with your babes but need some materials? DIG Amazon!

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You can make our Queen of Hearts Interactive Puppets with your babes using our FREEBIE PDF tutorial from our Teacher’s Notebook Store:

Queen of Hearts Interactive Puppets Tutorial PDF

Now DIG what you have been waiting for, a FREEBIE vintage tart coloring page for your babes:


Our FREEBIE tart coloring page wraps it up for part one of our AKGVH Queen of Hearts Valentine. Be sure to trip on by for part 2 featuring more crafts, games, our tart recipe fun & FREEBIES!

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I was featured for Tot School!

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