Back to School Pinocchio Theatre Part 2 & FREEBIE

Posted: September 24, 2014 in Vintage Curriculum

WHOAH!!! Check out the MUCH fun we had playing a few  Back to School Pinocchio Theatre coloring and activities!
First, we reviewed our Little Golden Book Disney’s Story of Pinocchio flannelboard picture matching.  If you missed the post featuring this activity, you can check it out here:
This time around, we used our large Multi-media flannelboard to sequence the story using the flannelboard figures. 

Our Pinocchio  flannelboard set is accompanied by matching black line coloring pages. I had each child chose which picture they wanted to color. They stood in line to copy out the ones they chose to color with our copy machine.  I was so surprised at how well they behaved at the machine. They lined up nicely, talking about what coloring pages they had chosen while they waited to use the machine. GOLD STAR!!!

Then using our Pinocchio flannelboard set as a color guide, each child colored their chosen page. They also chose to use colored pencils as their medium after deciding the texture would be smooth like the flannelboard pieces. We talked about big spaces and small spaces, about color hues, staying inside the lines, dark and light shades. I showed them how to scribble a bit of the pencil on a part of the pages empty spaces to be sure the color they chose was the color they were looking for. They did an EXCELLENT job matching the pictures by carefully choosing the right color. ANOTHER GOLD STAR!!!
Following our story sequencing and color matching, we did some Pinocchio worksheets.


You can get some FREEBIE Pinocchio themed coloring and activity pages for your class from our Teacher’s Notebook store here:

Come back soon for our final Back to School Pinocchio Theatre post, Part 3 with another FREEBIE & MORE Pinocchio links!!!

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