2014 We Are Up For Blogging Again!!!

Posted: January 4, 2014 in Vintage Curriculum

Well, let’s try it again this year…all up for trippin’ the scene with you on this here A Kinders Garten Vintage Homeschool Blog more oft this year.  May be a bit difficult tho’ with all on my plate, taking care of Gramma:
Taking care of babes:

BIG kids:


Yes, even wild crits from time to time…

Our A Kinders Garten eBay auctions:
Our Etsy Store:
Our homeschool:
Our Facebook Page:

Our Twitter Address:


And last but NOT least Pinterest:

A Kinders Garten Vintage Homeschool Pinterest Page

And EVERYTHING in between…WHEW!!!  
Last year, gramma slipped on the ice and broke her lower left femur so rehabin’ her took 6 weeks plus, then we had our new babe KaiaSue, summertime brought other family haps, wrapped up with the back to back Holidays pretty much aced this blog in 2013. BUT, 2014 is a NEW year so let’s try to ROCK this blog!!!
Last year, we began the New Year by posting TWO WHOLE posts of vintage New Year videos, finger plays, crafts, coloring pages and the like. Click on over  for a trip through the New Years of days gone past and some really psychedelic New Years fun:
1st Post:
2nd Post:

This year, we aim to post again, as much as we possibly can beginning with the days of Winter haps. So keep us booked for more nostalgia from the days of yesteryear on A KindersGarten Vintage Homeschool blog!! See you there or be square!!!


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